Finding solutions to Covid-19 challenges

Controlling and maximising store capacity whilst increasing customer experience and Average Transaction Value (ATV).

Book Appointments

Search for brands around the world and then book an appointment at your convenience to guarantee entry.

Virtual Queuing

Join the virtual queue so you do not have to wait outside and get notifications when it is your time to enter

Contactless check in/out

Quickly scan your QR code when you arrive for faster entry and exit of your favourite stores.

Seamlessly manage store capacity

Safely manage and maximise the number of shopping guests in store realtime.

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Available on Apple and Google devices

How By Appointment works for you

Quick and easy appointments bookings and management for customers and stores

For shoppers

We want to create wonderful shopping experiences that make shopping fun again. Using our APP you can easily book an appointment at your favourite shop or join a virtual queue.

For stores

Our APP allows our client partners to seamlessly manage fast store entry and manage real-time capacity. A combination of appointment booking and virtual queuing removes the challenge of physical queues and improves the shopping experience.

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